About Us

Ecopti Clean Energy Solutions

Ecopti GmbH represents “Zhongxin Green Energy (Beijing) International Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (中新绿能(北京)国际能源科技有限公司)” in Europe.

An eco-friendly, solar technology innovation company with sustainability as its goal.

Ecopti is a company focused on providing clean energy solutions, primarily serving the European and Middle Eastern markets. The company offers a variety of clean energy products and services, including PV power plant EPC, PV charging carport system, energy storage system, and hydrogen fuel cell.

ECO – Eco-friendly, Economy with sustainability as its goal
P – Photovoltaic (PV)
T – Technology
I – Innovation

Ecopti Robotics

Ecopti GmbH also provides innovative, future-ready robotics solutions. We specialize in full-stack robot design and development. 

Our experts specialize in a wide range of topics such as:

  • AI
  • Computer vision
  • Robotic design 
  • PLC programming
  • Robot programming
  • Cobot programming
  • Software development

Our partners of robotics in China are Beijing Hanning Tech Co., Ltd and Yili innovations (Xiamen) Tech Co., Ltd. (website: hanningzn.com)

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